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is the worlds first AI IMS - Interaction Management System, designed to transform the way we interact with AI tools.

The Library

Collect the best Prompts and Agents in our vibrant AI Marketplace.

  • Search, filter or discover the latest AI content.
  • Use all the latest commercial GenAI models, in a single click.
  • Publish and share your content with the community.
  • Get suport from Ms. Bro, our helpful AI librarian.
  • Promote and Monetize your AI interactions as a Creator.

The Desk

State of the Art backoffice to effortlessly Create, manage, and experiment with all AI.

  • Organise your Created and Collected content.
  • Test and perfect your Prompts and Agents.
  • Simultaneous access to multiple Agents and Models.
  • AI Interactions, Assets, and Data management kept in your safe space.
  • AI Lab, an advanced workspace for AI experimentation and creation.

The Stage

Your personal Profile space, where you can showcase AI creations to your Community.

  • Public or Private, you can share your Stage with who you like.
  • Publish your Prompts, Agents, and even AI Chats.
  • Feature your best work and get credits for it.
  • Customisable Profile headers, tags, content, and colours.
  • Mutiple choice of page layouts via templates.

The latest models form the leading AI providers


Incredibly useful tool

I have never found it easy to benchmark my GenAI Prompts.. and now I can actually share my AI-expertise directly to all my followers.

Michael Foster

PromptShop Owner


It's like magic!

Finally, now I can actually use GenAI tooling without breaking the bank! I just wish an equivalent pay-as-you-use existed for Streaming services...

Charlie K

Prompt newbie

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